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I've been fixing computers and doing system updates for home and business computer users in Atlanta on Macs, PCs & Linux devices of all kinds. I build and maintain Wired and WiFi networks in the Midtown, Poncey/Highlands, 5-Points, Grant Park, Lake Claire & Buckhead neighborhoods for over two decades. Fixing your computers is what I do.

Who, What, Where?

I started down this path, first as a residential building contractor and carpenter back in the 80's. I wanted to be able to do my own architectural and engineering drawings to submit for permits, so I taught myself CAD (computer-aided design) on a PC and then learned basic programming skills and how to fix my first-ever computer, an Apple IIC in 1987 (that I still have and still works). I bought a series of Windows PCs at that time because Macs were just too expensive and not as compatible with my business needs.

In 2000 I completed a 4-month intensive course as an MCSE (Microsoft Solutions Systems Engineer) at Georgia State University. I bring this training and over 20 years of work experience including Desktop Publishing for a dive magazine, HTML/CSS Web Design & Wordpress websites as well as Digital Photo Editing & Print Production. It was at this time I bought my first Mac, a clone, a Power Computer Power Tower 166 that I still have and still works! I add all these skills to my work fixing, updating and consulting on computers and networks here in Atlanta in my computer repair business in the 30306 area.

Word of Mouth

If you want to get the most out of today's powerful gadgets you need someone who works with them every day. This is what I do. I keep up with the newest devices, faster and bigger SSD and M.2 NVME drives, and question if RAM and upgrading your GPU or a newer OS with more features and/or stability is the way to keep your device fast and relevant. That daily experience makes me the IT professional you might just need.

I have lived, worked and volunteered in the Virginia-Highlands community of Atlanta, GA since 1982. We bought a house here in 1986 and the majority of my work is still right here in Va/Hi for neighbors and friends from Buckhead to the Zoo!


Tech Support without the Technicalities!
༄༄༄ It's March!     March is named after the Roman God of War, Mars. It's the time each year when hibernating animals wake up and the vernal equinox happens on Tue, Mar 19 at 11:06 PM when the Sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are of equal length.     Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call in March and promptly ordered a Cold Brew. In war, generals and CEOs who had put their forces on hold restart military and new product campaigns.     March is a busy, busy month, St Patrick's Day is in March as is Easter and of course the most impactful holiday when nothing gets done in offices across the land: March Madness (Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk!).         March is a good time to take stock of your gear and get it up to speed, fixed or renewed. It's a streaming world at home and most of us get our TV/entertainment either from a big screen connected to a streaming device or via a tablet or smartphone all of which are essentially computers outputting data from your network to a display, so keeping them working and healthy can make life better or when they don’t work, a LOT worse, especially if you miss the next episode of Tokyo Vice.     So whether your Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire or desktop PC is giving you headaches or you sat on your MacBook Air and the screen is wonky, I can help. If you've lost data when your hard drive died or you just need a little help with your network to get those work emails out or your resume updated, I can fix it. I live and work right here in Virginia Highlands/Midtown/O4W neighborhood and I fix and upgrade computers and fix and install wired LANs (Local Area Networks) and WiFi.     So while the footballs fly South and basketballs bounce onto the stage and Taylor Swift swoons and is replaced by the country crooner Beyoncé, you can swing into Spring with a faster, safer, more reliable computer and network by giving me a call.         I offer local, in your home or here in my home-office tech support at much lower rates than local computer repair shops.     I'm six blocks NorthEast of Ponce City Market and only 800 feet East of the Beltline.     It's a neighborhood operation and as simple as a phone call, text or an email.         Whether you’re a small-business, a school or a family with a house full of gadgets, I have your back.      ༄༄༄༄༄༄

Recent work:

  • Upgraded 4 iMacs to SSD drives for 3-5x faster operations.
  • Replaced damaged LED/Lid Assembly on M2 MacBook Air 2022.
  • Transferred Windows 11 account to new Lenovo Flex 2-in-1.
  • Restored boot and touchscreen function on Lenovo Ideapad Flex
  • Replaced damaged LED/Lid Assy. on M1 MacBook Air Late 2020
  • Upgraded Lenovo B50-30 AIO Desktop PC to SSD for 5X speed.
  • Installed new Brother Laser Network Printer @Pre-K Office
  • Edited existing Wordpress header image link for Sports site
  • Setup new Xfinity user-owned modem & Linksys router in home
  • Repaired a 2015 MacBook Pro with wine spilled inside.
  • Upgraded Dell XPS 8910 with new Samsung SSD, runs like new PC.
  • No boot past MSI Logo. Replaced M.2 SSD in MSI MS-16V4 Laptop.
  • Consulted on backup & data recovery for a digital videographer.
  • Fixed TV installed by store "geeks" to work w/all owner boxes
  • Finished setup for a gaming PC with stuck updates and no video.
  • Fixed a non-booting Mac Mini with corrupted SSD and loose SATA
  • Replaced broken ASUS Q502la laptop display digitizer and webcam.
  • Upgraded '17 27" iMac W/SSD to fix slow speeds, running like new!
  • Consult on purchase of new M1 14" MacBook Pro & account transfer.
  • Replaced keyboard on 2015 MacBook, battery & update to Monterey.
  • Replaced dead SSD in ASUS Zenbook & added dual-boot Linux.
  • Setup Quickbooks share on Mac network to auto-update on all Macs.
  • Remote consult on identity theft, upgrade password & 2-factor PW.
  • Upgrade '14 MacBook Air w/NGFF adapter to boot M.2 500GB SSD.
  • Replace failed SSD on 2008 Core 2 Duo 24" iMac w/Sandisk SSD+.
  • Replaced damaged logic board and power port on '19 Dell XPS 7490.
  • Replaced & repaired keyboard on Lenovo Thinkpad T470s.
  • Setup a Lenovo M Mini workstation for remote work Emory employee.
  • Installed new router for Xfinity customer & consulted on new iPhone.
  • Wiped old iMac Core 2 Duo for customer to donate to family in need.
  • Install M.2 NVME SSD on ASUS Tuf Gaming MOBO & Windows 10.
  • Upgrade M.2 NVME SSD to 1TB on Lenovo Yoga & system image.
  • Fix & update no-boot 2013 MacBook Pro SMC PRAM & battery-link.
  • Did power reset on HP Elitebook x360 830 G7 to fix non-boot.
  • Fixed water-damaged 2020 MacBook Air logic board with new board.
  • Troubleshoot Google Fiber TV signal to big screen TV & resolved.
  • Remotely accessed client iMac & fixed Mac Mail account issues.
  • Upgraded all real estate software on company network & database.
  • Replace head-crash PC HDD W/SSD and linked to Intel Optane RAM.
  • Upgraded 27" iMac to SSD with all system updates for Big Sur.
  • Replaced cracked MacBook Pro 16" display and upgraded to Big Sur.
  • Upgraded 2015 MacBook Air with larger SSD and to OS X Catalina.
  • Repaired Mac by replacing broken LCD on 2012 15" MacBook Pro.
  • Clean milk from Alienware 14 logic board & add thermal paste.
  • Upgraded company PCs to fast SSDs & add remote access.
  • Ran Cat6 wire underground to external office for Zoom counselors.
  • Ran wire to server room & added WiFi W/ new routers in large home.
  • Installed & configured 3 Google Mesh routers in two-story home.
  • Upgrade to 6-core CPU in '09 Mac Pro & 4,1 firmware to 5,1 MP.
  • Advise and update 1Password Manager on Mac to secure passwords.
  • Upgrading Mid-2011 27" iMac with new Samsung SSD & added RAM.
  • Recover Windows 10 User from hack & blocked bank access.
  • Install Linux on 2008 iMac Core 2 Duo and set up for accounting.

Tech Support for your Technical Difficulties

If you want to get the most out of today's complex and powerful devices you almost have to be a techie. But that's why I'm here. I diagnose and fix computers. I also can help you update your computer to be as fast or as powerful as it can be.

I'm Doing My Neighborhood Tech Thing!

Look for me on  . I get a lot of referrals from this social network for neighborhoods where neighbors share ideas and suggestions. Or you can just Email or Text me right here!

Whether it's a tech support scam that freezes your browser, a frozen screen, an iPhone screen that won't rotate or a full-blown computing emergency, I'm available on-site or remotely to safely access and fix your computers and personal devices and small business IT issues here in the intown Atlanta area. I work out of my Home Office in the 30306 zipcode in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood, this is not a storefront, but my home. All are welcome!

Contact Me!

About WWWebbIT.com

To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer.
– Paul R. Ehrlich

What I Do

N eighborhood IT Guy is a pretty good description of what I do every day. I advise individuals, families, small & large businesses, Churches, schools, doctor's offices, and design & photo studios on how to get the most out of their digital devices. I consult on computer applications, software, hardware and services. I do physical repairs on most models of PC and Mac computing systems, laptops and desktops. I specialize in upgrading older Macs and PCs with fast SSD storage, adding RAM and operating system upgrades. There is no better upgrade than going from a slow spinning hard drive to a fast solid-state drive. It's like getting a new computer for under $400.

Wanna Fixit?

Computers are pretty robust, but accidents happen and Murphy rules. Drinks get spilled, laptops get dropped, hard drives die, displays crack and sometimes your computer just tanks mysteriously. If you have a virus I can remove it. If you've stumbled onto Ransomeware, I can defeat it and get your computer back without paying the ransom. If your computer is slow I can make it faster. Or if it's time to move on from that Compaq Deskpro 386 or Apple IIc, I can help you find a worthy upgrade, while shedding a tear for old silicone that is past its prime. So get a grep, we can always fsck it back into shape, so su me if I need to chroot a new path out of PC jail!

Your Place or Mine?

The way things are these days, being able to remotely work applies to tech support as well. Not every problem can be solved remotely. Many require hands-on repairs and upgrades. But where appropriate I can take control of your device, watch and advise and demonstrate and repair software issues without physical access which is often faster and cheaper than on-site repairs. Neighborhood IT Guy.


  • PC & Mac Repairs & Updates
  • New Computer Setup
  • Mac & PC OS Optimization
  • Remote Computer Admin
  • Mac & PC Data Backup
  • Network Creation & Upkeep
  • WiFi Networks & Extending
  • General IT Consulting
  • Website Updates
  • General Computer Training
  • Software Consulting


  • Mac & PC Diagnosis & Repairs
  • Logic Board & System Repairs
  • Network Administration
  • HTML, & Wordpress Updates
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Photography
  • Photo Editing
  • WiFi Troubleshooting
  • General Computer Knowledge

Services & Pricing

Job-Based Pricing

Many jobs have set pricing, such as hard drive upgrades or replacement, system backups & updates and memory upgrades. It's often dependent on the type of device and the difficulty of accessing internal parts. Some upgrades require a near-complete disassembly to add a new device or part or repair an internal component, such as the logic board, I/O board or adding or upgrading an SSD in some newer iMacs.


Before I start you will know your pricing wherever possible and if there's a change you will also know that and approve the change before I continue working on your device. Job-based pricing keeps costs lower by ignoring the time it takes on some projects in case there's a problem and focuses on the task and not the time. My focus is always on the best job possible for a fair price.


Hourly Pricing

My typical hourly rate is $60/Hr. This is far less than other operations charge. I also have extended hours via text for after-hour emergencies. Most texts will be returned the same day.
Not everything is going to be hourly, however. Many projects are by-the-job. For instance, upgrading from a traditional large hard drive to an SSD is on average under $400 including parts for most computer.
$70/ Hr for the first hour.
$60/Hr for all subsequent hours.
$60/Hr for sit-down work in my office.
This includes labor, research or training.
$50/Hr for all remote work.
(Remote from my Office).
I charge $35 to inspect your device. If I can't fix your device, or you decide not to proceed, it's still $35.

Flexible Pricing

Not every situation falls under an hourly model. Things like SSD upgrades, processor or logic board repairs, drive format and system restores or data recovery can often be more fairly approached with a fixed price. Priced what it should cost in the market and not how long it takes me every time I do it. I'll consult with you on the best pricing approach before we get started. If you have a question about Job-Based Pricing, please contact me.

Upgrade Options: SSD vs HDD Shootout

One of the best things you can do for an aging computer is to replace the Hard Disk Drive with a new fast SSD (Solid State Drive). The video below shows you how much faster your "new" old Mac will boot with an SSD installed in it.

This demo is for Macs, but Windows PCs, laptops, desktops and All-In-Ones can also benefit from the speed, reliability, impact resistance, heat-reduction and low power consumption of a Solid State Drive. To learn more about how SSDs can improve your system's performance, take a look at "Hard Disk Drive (HDD) vs Solid State Drive (SSD): What’s the Diff?"


Contact Me

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(aka iFixITATL.com)

736 Ponce de Leon Ter NE

Atlanta, GA 30306

Text or Call

404-692-2618 (Office 24/7)

For questions call or text me at the number above.

If you don't have a smartphone, please let me know.
You can leave me a message and a number where I can call you back, but also include your email address.

Need to Pay an Invoice?

I take credit cards via Stripe. I also take Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, cash or checks. Questions about your invoice? Text or email me with any questions.

Thank you!

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